Function and Benefits

The main functions of HUMIKA® are as a soil conditioner and a plant growth stimulant. To a certain extent, it can also act as an organic fertilizer because it contains various macro and micro nutrients that are essential for plants' growth.

  • Repairs soil structure physically and chemically (friability, pH, water retention rate, colloidal properties, organic catalysis, etc.) in order to promote growth and alleviate stress from the plants.
  • Stimulates plant growth and accelerates the growth of roots and young shoots so that plants grow more quickly, and finally increasing the quality of the plants, along with increasing the volume of harvested crops by 20-60%.
  • Accelerates budding and germination, and increases the permeability of cell walls to increase the rate of nutrient absorption.
  • Stimulates an increase in the rate of soil microbiology activities that are beneficial for root growth.
  • Increases the uptake of nutrients by converting them into readily-absorbed forms.
  • Binds and regulates a slow release of nutrients according to the plants' needs, improving the efficiency of fertilizer usage and decreasing the loss of nutrients through dissolution and evaporation.
  • When combined with single-nutrient or compound inorganic fertilizers, HUMIKA® can increase the efficiency and efficacy of the fertilizer, thereby enabling the reduction of the amount of fertilizer in use by 20-30%.