What is HUMIKA® ?

HUMIKA® is a highly concentrated Humic Acid product as Humic Acid salts (Potassium Humate), available in solid and liquid forms. HUMIKA® SC (Solid Concentrate) is ninety-five percent water soluble. Because of its solid form and concentrated nature, HUMIKA® SC is not only more efficient and effective in its usage; it is also easier to use in its application and to transport. HUMIKA® is designed to give farmers good yields from low investment.

HUMIKA® is the registered trademark of Humic Acid products and its derivatives which are manufactured by PT.Global Growth after a long process of researching, developing and testing both in the laboratory and on the field, selecting raw materials, choosing production process technologies that are efficient and environmentally friendly and product innovation by accomplished experts. HUMIKA® has been licensed by the Department of Agriculture and Commerce of Republic Indonesia. PT.Global Growth is the first and, to date, the sole manufacturer of solid concentrated Humic Acid products and its derivatives in Indonesia.

HUMIKA® is made from the mineral ore Leonardite obtained from Indonesia, which has a premium quality due to its high Fulvic Acid concentration (about 40%). The production of HUMIKA® uses optimally controlled extraction and crystallization techniques, resulting in a high quality product with accurate concentrations.