The Real Indonesian Humic Acid

Modern agriculturalists often face a lot of challenges in their work. They are expected to produce large volumes of yield while maintaining high quality and low input. In addition to that, constantly rising fertilizer costs, decreasing soil quality and pressure to be more environmentally sustainable complicates the situation even more.

HUMIKA® can help you solve these problems. HUMIKA® is a soil conditioners that helps restore the micronutrients found in soil, returning it to its original, humus-rich state even after years of extensive farming. HUMIKA® is made in Indonesia by PT.Global Growth. HUMIKA® has been scientifically developed and the benefits of using HUMIKA® have been supported through rigorous testing.

PT.Global Growth is an Indonesian-based agriculture supplies company. Our mission is to make the world a greener place by providing our customers with high-quality products that will benefit the individual farmers, companies and nations ; as well as all of humankind and the environment.